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Diary Entry #8

Sometimes friends can be toxic. Be kind or your actions can prove fatal.

I’d always been a good person, supported friends through heartache, depression, even domestic violence. It turns out, some of them were not 'true friends' and their behaviour tipped me over the edge. I tried to kill myself.

I believed we had a good circle of married couples, who enjoyed socializing. Out of the blue, Ryan suggested hooking up behind Tina’s back. I felt sick. I was advised to keep quiet. Months later, Ryan was at it again, ‘sexting’ her oldest, best pal. Tina went crazy, accused other friends, and me! Tina treated me appallingly. I wish I’d disclosed the filth her creepy hubby had whispered in my ear. The friendship ended. Her actions led to my first suicide attempt. I was told I'd probably die. I survived.

My advice is to be kind to others. Your words can’t be taken back and can prove fatal.

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