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Diary Entry #9

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

I thought I’d hit rock bottom. Then I had to learn to walk again!

I’d been betrayed by friends, made attempts on my life, and divorced. Things couldn’t get much worse. Enter the narcissist bully, with his angry fists, battering what little left there was of me. Then a serious bike crash.

I fractured my leg in nine places. It was saved thanks to five hours of surgery at The Bristol Royal Infirmary Hospital, a metal rod, and a leg brace.

Ironically, my completed memoir was entitled, Still Standing. There was only one thing for it - I’d have to learn to walk again and write one final chapter.

And I did, on a cocktail of 4 x morphine, 8 x Tramadol, 4 x paracetamol, 4 x amitriptyline. Even then, I still hurt.

I endured a bumpy rehabilitation ride - Morphine withdrawal, Morphine addiction, angry outbursts, one where I decided it would be easier to die.

I’m only here thanks to all the wonderful paramedics, surgeons and nurses, and support from my kind parents, loving partner Simon, awesome children, and loyal friends.

It has been a year exactly since I was discharged from the hospital. I’m #StillStanding and walking. Not perfectly, a shunt in the rear of my car a few months ago caused a setback with tissue damage to my knee.

But I hope in 2021, after some more physio, I’ll be on the mend and pain-free. It's time for a new, happy chapter.

In Elton John's words

"And did you think this fool could never win Well look at me, I'm coming back again

I'm still standing better than I ever did Looking like a true survivor, feeling like a little kid."

Read Still Standing by Vicki FitzGerald and M.G. Crisci, a remarkable story of resilience and survival, an honest portrayal of one woman’s life, and her determination for a new beginning.

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