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An Unlikely Author Collaboration

'You know what, your story is interesting. It would make a great book,' American author, Matt Crisci told me. 'Um, no thanks,' I replied, rather bluntly.

One year later, reunited at the Dublin Writers Conference, Matt said: "I'll ask once more, and if the answer is still no, then I'll never ask you again." My answer surprised us both. "Okay, I'm ready."

By the end of the conference we were sat in a plush hotel having lunch and plotting chapters. Matt was riveted, even said, 'I'm not sure people are gonna believe that all this crap has happened to you! Christ, you're only 38.'

I wanted to cry, but at the same time, I felt as though a huge weight had been lifted. Talking about my horrendous experiences eased the burden. It felt like therapy. I came to realise in those precious hours that my story could help inspire others. If I could help pluck someone off the floor and get them to fight for their life, then sharing my story, would be worth it.

Still Standing was born in just four months in a magical collaboration between Matt and I. It's in the editing stages at the moment and I simply cannot wait to see it released, even though some of my family are not so supportive. It's my story to tell, my chance to put across my side and reveal some truths. I pray that my story will inspire and help other people to find courage. If I can keep going after all I've endured, then so can you.

Coming soon! #StillStanding #memoir

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