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Stay Safe & Together Be #StillStanding

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

An intelligent thirty-something woman bears her soul to a seventy-something something man 6,000 miles away. In the process, they write a great book and become forever friends.

So that's how my memoir, Still Standing, came about. Critically-acclaimed American Author M.G.Crisci and I reunited at the Dublin Writer's Conference in 2019, having met a year earlier at the same event. Mathew encouraged me to share my story in a biography and the result may be one of the more unusual literary collaborations EVER!

Still Standing takes the reader on an emotional journey examining my struggles with depression, mental health, relationships, domestic abuse, and attempts at suicide. The aim of sharing these key life chapters is to inspire others in difficult times, and to show that with strength and determination, it is possible to fight and hold on to life. It's precious after all, and we only get one shot at it.

With the publication of my memoir, I was looking forward to 2020 with dreams of happiness. But life changes in the blink of an eye- the next battle I face, like everyone, is surviving Coronavirus, which has now claimed 35,347 lives and infected 747.111 people. My heart and best wishes are being sent to everyone around the world. Please #staysafe, #savelives, and #isolate to avoid catching or spreading Covid-19.

Being alone in isolation without my adorable children and family has made me want to fight even more. I pray that the virus is soon contained and I look forward to the day when we can all hug one another and say face to face, "I love you".

Every challenge is given to make us stronger than ever and once this pandemic is over, I believe life will be different. The entire world has changed. As a nation, many of us now realise how we all took life and loved ones for granted. Never again! Let's fight this by staying home and then one day soon we can together say, we are all #StillStanding.

I hope my biography, will give you inner strength and ignite determination.

Still Standing is now available on Amazon, Google Books, Barnes & Noble. SCRIBD.

"If you're in search of personal stories about mental health, depression, and  strength, this memoir has got you covered--and then some. The surprising everyday anecdotes the co-author has lived sets this memoir apart. A remarkable collaboration."

                                                                                             -Independent Book Review

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