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End of The Road

I wanted to share with you some of the memories behind my memoir #StillStanding. This was one of the saddest moments in my life. I guess we must endure difficult battles to end up on the road we are destined for. Still Standing by Vicki FitzGerald and M.G. Crisci, a remarkable story of resilience and survival, an honest portrayal of one woman’s life, and her determination for a new beginning. Click to order Still Standing

Diary Entry #9

I thought I’d hit rock bottom. Then I had to learn to walk again! I’d been betrayed by friends, made attempts on my life, and divorced. Things couldn’t get much worse. Enter the narcissist bully, with his angry fists, battering what little left there was of me. Then a serious bike crash. I fractured my leg in nine places. It was saved thanks to five hours of surgery at The Bristol Royal Infirmary Hospital, a metal rod, and a leg brace. Ironically, my completed memoir was enti

Diary Entry #3

Fatboy42 was my tryst with infidelity until he dumped me and ordered me to throw my perfume away in the dog poo bin. Wanker! Loneliness messes with your mind and shatters your heart. Enter Fatboy42 with his wit and charm. I was naïve, mistook his flirting for friendship. I’m surprisingly dumb when it comes to men and their intentions. The compliments flowed; my heartfelt revived. I made a regrettable mistake, one that will haunt me forever. Affairs aren’t built to last, and m

Stay Safe & Together Be #StillStanding

An intelligent thirty-something woman bears her soul to a seventy-something something man 6,000 miles away. In the process, they write a great book and become forever friends. So that's how my memoir, Still Standing, came about. Critically-acclaimed American Author M.G.Crisci and I reunited at the Dublin Writer's Conference in 2019, having met a year earlier at the same event. Mathew encouraged me to share my story in a biography and the result may be one of the more unusual

An Unlikely Author Collaboration

'You know what, your story is interesting. It would make a great book,' American author, Matt Crisci told me. 'Um, no thanks,' I replied, rather bluntly. One year later, reunited at the Dublin Writers Conference, Matt said: "I'll ask once more, and if the answer is still no, then I'll never ask you again." My answer surprised us both. "Okay, I'm ready." By the end of the conference we were sat in a plush hotel having lunch and plotting chapters. Matt was riveted, even said,

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